Timber Creek Recycling's products energize and breathe new life into soil. Using solid science and years of experience, our products improve soil texture and fertility, moderate pH and increase water absorbency.

Please read below for a list of Timber Creek Recycling's soil enhancing products. You can also download a pamphlet of this page and contact us to start improving the health of your environment today!

Mountain Mulch

Mulch is a layer of (usually organic) material applied to the surface of soil. It may be permanent (like plastic sheeting) or temporary (like bark chips).

It can be applied to bare soil or around existing plants. Mulches of manure or compost are incorporated naturally into the soil by the activity of worms and other organisms. The process is used both in commercial crop production and in gardening, and when applied correctly, can dramatically improve soil productivity.

People apply mulch to conserve soil moisture, improve the fertility and health of the soil, reduce weed growth and enhance the visual appeal of an area.

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All mulches are available by the yard. Call us at 208-887-8546 today for special pricing.

Colored mulches: Blue, Orange, Red, Black and Brown.

Natural unscreened mulches: Fine grind, Medium grind, Large grind, Block.

Natural screened mulches: 1/2 Fines, 1 1/2 Fines.


NEW! Colored Mulch - Blue


NEW! Colored Mulch - Orange


Colored Mulch - Black


Colored Mulch - Brown


Colored Mulch - Red




1 1/2"


Big Mulch


Compost is organic matter which is rich in nutrients and has been decomposed in a process called composting. This process recycles various organic materials otherwise regarded as waste products and produces a soil conditioner (the compost), which:

  • Is healthy, dark, crumbly and fluffy (unlike regular light brown, often almost gray, topsoil).
  • Is a natural soil conditioner, fertilizer and natural pesticide.
  • Contains no man-made/artificial fertilizers which may degrade the nutrient value of your soil.
  • Contains natural elements like phosphorus, potash, nitrogen and other trace elements.
  • Provides a rich growing medium, or a porous, absorbent material that holds moisture and soluble minerals, providing the support and nutrients which help plants and vegetables flourish.

Order your Timber Creek Recycling New Life compost blend today!

All are available by the yard and/or ton. Call us at 208-887-8546 today for special pricing.

Available by the yard and ton: Organic-based, Manure-based.

Available by the yard: (OMR) Listed Compost, (ACHD) Compost.

Available by the ton: Mix.


Imagine a soil that acts as a natural fertilizer, reduces contaminants and disease, and is denser in nutrients (and has lower runoff) than regular soil.

Biosoil creates rich, nutrient-dense soil for use in farms and gardens. It's a terrifically sustainable way to use organic, biological material using no chemicals -- just organic matter and various natural, beneficial biosoil.

Order your Timber Creek Recycling Biosoil blend today!

All are available by the yard. Call us at 208-887-8546 today for special pricing.

Blends: Engineered, Sod, Nursery Tree Mix.

Livestock Bedding

After walking on Timber Creek Recycling livestock bedding, the fine material will raise up, creating a softer surface. Thus, our mulch has far better drainage properties.

It is also more durable and lasts far longer, even after three rain events. Haul-off expenses are also significantly less, offering tremendous time, labor and money savings.

Order your Timber Creek Recycling Livestock Bedding today!

All are available by the ton. Call us at 208-887-8546 today for special pricing.

Blends: Dairy Cow, Premium Dairy Cow, 1 1/2 Mulch Base, Mulch Grind, Mulch Fines.

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