19 Tips to a Productive, Happy Friday

It’s that day of the week. The day that tiptoes between the liberation of the weekend and the responsibilities of work. That’s right… it’s Friday! Also I apologize if Rebecca Black’s hit popped into your mind right there. For those of us who typically work Monday through Friday, 9-ish to 5-ish, Friday and especially Friday afternoon become a time where it’s close to impossible to keep your mind off the impending freedom you’re about to soak in. From personal experience, this usually leads to a lack of productivity on your part. Distractions are sought after with joy and you’ll willingly let anything get in your way to accomplish your Friday tasks, even if deep down you know you definitely probably need to wrap up some of the week’s work before the weekend officially kicks off. I know the struggle all too well. But what better way to start your Friday than to A.) admit you might have a problem B.) distract yourself by reading this blog post and C.) tell yourself you can improve your Friday and be productive and happy.

1.) Be present.

2.) Prioritize your task list.

3.) Assign everything a time to get done.

4.) Move some things to Monday. Do less. Be realistic.

5.) Focus on one thing at a time. Don’t try to multi-task.

6.) Turn the internet or wifi off on your computer if you can.

7.) Drink more water.

8.) Learn to say no.

9.) Enjoy your lunch and relax. The weekend’s almost here!

10.) Don’t spend a lot of time on emails. Most people won’t see it or respond until next week anyways.

11.) Spend more time doing and less time planning.

12.) Listen to upbeat music to keep you energized.

13.) Make sure to understand what the next step is at the end of every conversation.

14.) Charge your phone & keep it away from where you’re working.

15.) Work on finishing projects, not starting them.

16.) Write down ideas for the next week.

17.) Smile! And think positively.

18.) Don’t stress. And take deep breaths!

19.) Drink coffee or tea if you’re feeling tired.


Remember there’s only so much you can do in any given day. Then enjoy your weekend! You deserve it.



Don’t let this be you!



Let this be you! Happy Friday!

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