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Behind the scenes of Music Video Race Austin

We’ve had the opportunity of taking part in a number of 48-hour and 24-hour style competitions for short films– the concept being that based on some surprise elements, you have a set (short) amount of time to write, develop, shoot, and edit a movie. The competitions are a ton of fun to do and often…

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Behind the Scenes of “Carnivores”

 Watch the short film, online now! In 2011, I formed a team for the Austin 48-Hour Film Project and we made it in to the Top 10 and took home the awards for “Best Cinematography” and “Best Use of Character” for our short, The Walker. In 2012, I took a break from the competition and…

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Behind the Scenes of “Dee’s Final Fling”

 Watch the short film, online now! I love the medium of short films and the kind of unique stories that can be told in them. I’ve seen a lot of great ones under five minutes that give you a simple setup and usually rest on an ending that’s either a punchline, twist, or surprise. I…

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