Consult & Ideas

Our producers can work with clients to start a project with the perfect blend of creative inspiration and message-driven focus.


We can handle a collaboration process or take a writing assignment on ourselves to script out your video.


Our team can take care of organizing everything for you and handle the planning and development stages.

Video Crew

Escape Plan works with some of the most talented and proficient crew members to take on a project of any size.


We do all editing and post-production work in-house so we can fine-tune the final product so it's something our clients are really proud of.

VFX & Animation

Whether your video needs motion graphics, animation work, or visual effects, we can take care of it.


Content Packages

Need simple ongoing video content for your brand or business? Our content production packages are a great way to easily get started. Affordable services delivered monthly.

Project Estimate

Most projects have unique needs and this is our common approach to getting you an accurate estimate for handling the video production you have in mind. It's free and we will work to get you the quote quickly!

Creative Guidance

If you require some general direction or ideas so we can put together a custom project quote for you, then we recommend scheduling a call with one of our producers. We will reach out and see what type of production will serve you best so you can get started.

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