Why In-House Video Production is a Mistake

Dynamic websites, creative content, and social networking presence have become integral to companies wanting to reach new clientele. When working for a company, you might have been put in a situation before where you need or want a video for marketing, demonstration, or even something simple for the website. With lower-cost digital cameras and cell phones being able to capture more impressive resolutions than what was available previously, this type of task request has become more common to hand off to someone already working for you. However, that person will probably start running up against a number of questions they don’t know the answers to when it comes to actually producing a video, the least of which is the technical know-how to make it look decent. Even if you have a marketing team in place already, video production is a craft in and of itself that is more specialized to deliver great content than some might recognize.

Here I would like to give my reasons for why I believe doing in-house video production is a mistake many businesses make when trying to find a means to an end, and why hiring a professional video production company to handle it is a more strategic move.

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Hire a Professional Video Production Company to avoid the pitfalls of having an employee do video work in-house.

Good Enough?

Sometimes you just need a video done as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Dusting off the consumer camera you bought in 2009 and handing it over to the new intern might seem like the best solution given these conditions. Or maybe you’re antsy to just shoot something on that new iPhone of yours. However, you often will find that the finished result doesn’t come close to matching even the most conservative expectations you had for it. Why is this? Producing a video is a specialized craft and even the technical bare-basics of equipment and editing software have a higher learning curve than you would guess. Besides the fact that it would be an overall frustrating experience for whoever such a lofty task is handed over to, it’s not going to save you the time you thought it might and the finished video might be “fine” in a very best-case scenario. But you have to ask yourself: does “good enough” for a video delivered or presented on your behalf reflect well
on the company? A lot of small businesses especially don’t know what the work and cost of professional video content are and have been led to believe it can’t be that hard. Let’s be honest here, a lot of that video content produced in-house by those who either have never worked in the video production industry or maybe took an A/V course in high school ranges from slightly-cringeworthy to utter crap. It’s up to you to determine what you think your company properly deserves to present. Chances are, you’ll agree with me that “good enough” doesn’t cut it if you’re trying to stay competitive.

Strategic Vision

Okay, so your marketing team has some bright, creative people in place already and they’re up for the new challenge of video production: should turn out great, right? Just a few stray questions for your consideration though might be “how is audio being done?”, “what lighting setup are we working with?”, “what editing software did your computer come with and do you know how to use it?”, “who’s directing this?”. There are actually a lot of questions you will come up against that you may not know the answer to, and even after answering some of them you might not be left with full confidence in the end result. Working with a video production company (especially one with a killer reel and body of work), gives you strategic and creative vision to the project as a whole that you would otherwise be sorely lacking. A producer and director who know what they’re doing work with a team, whether large or small, to cover all the bases of equipment, crew, pre-production and creative planning, unparalleled cinematography and visuals, editing precision, and a polished end product. Tools for digital filmmaking have come a long way in the last decade, but letting Peter, the graphic designer on your marketing team, shoot a video for the company just because he “owns a DSLR” is not the best move if you want to be taken seriously by the intended audience. People are more in-tune to production values and marketing tastes that you might assume, through viral online videos to Super Bowl commercials, and they’re going to be able to tell if you went the lazy, cheap, or easy route to getting something done. A keen, creative eye to all stages of developing a video project is just something you’re not going to get unless you hire a specialized video production business.


If you already understand the distinct advantages to letting the professionals do your video work, either through personal experience or testimonials, it’s possible the costs you expect might be the only thing holding you back from outsourcing your video production needs. Maybe the budget is tight or you’re left wondering if its value is worth the cost. Escape Plan Productions is aware of these concerns our clients face and as a boutique creative company, we have smaller overhead involved and are able to keep costs down, re-arrange budgets to meet financial constraints, and work towards a common goal to produce a solution you’ll be proud of. Email us at info@escapeplanfilms.com or call us at 512-256-0308 to get a free quote on video production to serve you and your goals.


Make no mistake: a well-produced, impressive video that you can show off does wonders for developing what the brand of your company stands for. It’s up to you to make it actually count.

Escape Plan Productions, started in 2011, is based in Austin, Texas and produces unique commercials, event videos, promotional content, music videos, and more. http://escapeplanfilms.com

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