How to Get Cinematically Engineered Music Videos

Every song and every music video is different. And the medium of music videos remains a passion for us at Escape Plan Productions. Our first big project with the company was “Eden 2.0” by TesseracT in the Fall of 2011. That video now is resting at about 600,000 views. We’ve had the privilege of working on a number of other music videos since then and we pride ourselves on creative, unexamined ideas with striking visuals and direction. It’s for this reason that we take the pre-production and conceptualization phase very seriously so that our task from that point on can be to breathe life with a collaborative, inventive team of talented people.   We wanted to make some of the pricing and rates of different music video options available, as well as let you in on what information is helpful to us in crafting a vision or story around the music.

$1,000+ One Location Video >>

Emphasis is on shots of the band. Shot at one location with some cinematic shots.

$2,500+ Traditional Concept Video >>

Director (and musicians) create a simple concept for the video. Actors and band are in real world situations. Cinematic shots of the band with practically executed visual effects.

$4,000+ High Concept Video >>

Director (and musicians) create a video that is heavily story or artistically driven. Actors and band are in more fantastic, surreal, or elaborately constructed situations. Use of digital visual effects or animation that requires more pre- and post-production time.

$500+ Promotional >>

30 seconds to 1 minute in length to promote an upcoming single or record. This is more like a trailer.

✴ Quotes do not include extras such as specialized equipment, visual effects, or studio rental. Our final rates will be determined by the scope of the project.



A little information we’re going to need from you:

๏ a description of what you’re looking for

๏ links to your music, website, and other promotional materials

๏ any references that may have inspired your idea for the music video This helps us to understand what the tone of the piece should be like.

Concept Art For TesseracT's Eden


Whether you’re looking for simple promotional videos or cinematically inspired creations, we’re happy to talk to you one on one to find out what best works for you. Contact us at for a free quote for what you have in mind.

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