Hey, maybe consider a product demo video!

You have an awesome product and you want to share it with the world! But you can’t physically do that with every person you’re trying to reach– you could try, but good luck! When you are able to talk about your product, put it in the hands of a potential customer, and allow them to experience it, they understand the value of it and get it and there’s nothing that can beat that. Well, the next best thing is showing off that experience on video and broadcasting those reactions to as many people as you can over the web. Maybe you have an invention, a new app or software, or gadget that text and photos just don’t cut it for communicating the true experience from a user-perspective: to you, I will suggest product demo videos.┬áStreaming video is so integrated into our online experiences at this point, that demonstrating a product on camera and capturing those authentic responses is invaluable as a brand. The power of a product demo video is unlimited, and ones that are unique in either setting up a product comparison or staging an “event” to let customers interact with it.

Below is a product demo video we did for Kendo UI at the 2013 jQuery Conference in Austin, TX to show off HTML5 mobile technology. In the video, styled similarly to the Bing It On commercials, we challenged┬ádevelopers to experiment with two identical phones supposedly running native versus HTML5 hybrid technology. We believe these authentic reactions and testimonials from users is a great use of online video and that it’s something you should consider! Watch below:

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