Behind the Scenes: “Chill Lizard” Edit Title & Configs

We recently had the chance to start working with Braon Moseley from Vibrance Technology, based out of Round Rock, Texas. We were brought on to do video production work for a commercial marketing a new device he invented, the Chill Lizard, which is a wireless sensor system designed to notify you when drinks are the perfect cool temperature after being put in the freezer. It's a fascinating solution and invention to an all-too-common problem and we were happy to start working on creative ideas to better and easily explain the Chill Lizard to audiences who might be confused with how it functions and its use.

The first commercial we worked on was called Goldi & the 3 Beers. We rented a cabin in the Dripping Springs area and worked with a great actress, Laura Ritz, on the ad. It's a comedic short-form narrative of Golilocks in her twenties sneaking into the The Bears' home for a beer, only to find that the first is too warm and the second is too frozen (well, it's completely frozen). She's then notified by the Chill Lizard coaster that a third beer is chilled to perfection... and it's just right.

We also worked on a Kickstarter launch video for Chill Lizard where a fun animation and Braon himself get to speak to the credit and design of the product. Check out some of the "cool" behind the scenes photos here from production!

Videos will be coming soon, and information will be posted and shared here when the Chill Lizard Kickstarter campaign launches, currently scheduled for November 15. There's a ton of great prizes involved with your contributions to the campaign as well including t-shirts, bottle openers, the Chill Lizard itself, and more. Stay tuned!

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