Is it expensive to replace a roof?

Each roof is different in pitch, hips, gables, undershots, access, flashing detail, transitions, etc. I often get the phone call where a fellow wants to know “just ball park, you know?” how much a roof will cost. They’ll tell me square footage but when I ask if that includes overhang, pitch, waste and garage there is always a short pause. But still they persist… “just ball park it” I often wonder why I bother. You see, any one factor in the beginning of this paragraph could affect the price of a roof by thousands of dollars!
There is no one answer to the question of how much it costs to replace a roof. When you grab estimates from different roofing professionals, the most important bid factor is to develope a way that assures you, the roof buyer, will be able to compare apples to apples come final time to decide.

On one side, some of my more savy roof buyers create a bid specification sheet outlining detail by detail what they want done on their roof. They present each roofing contractor bidding on their project with the exact same specifications. That may seem over the top, but believe me, they have the upper hand advantage when they look at the prices from different roofing contractors.

Apples to Apples comparison benefits all parties. We roofing contractors spend a lot of time composing a professional estimate for you. Few things are more frustrating than losing a roofing project to the “Low Cost Leader” (every city has a few) only to discover through the grape vine later that the client was shishkabobbed by the LCL because the LCL roofer did not bother to check for multiple roof layers… or put a cheaper felt underlayment down that voided a longer warranty… or did not account for bad truck access that required 4 laborers to pack out the old torn off roof and pack in the new roof materials. Oops! The list is long on this item. We have tales to tell about this.

The above illustrates (I hope) why it is important to find a good solid reference for a reliable roofing contractor who can generate a solid roofing specification that others can bid so that you, the roof buyer, can enjoy the confidence that comes from bidding Apples to Apples! Believe me, you are not imposing if you take this route. If you get any flack from other roofing companies about proceeding this way just call Ross Roofing 831-394-8581. I will be ecstatic to assess your roofing needs, budget, weight limitations, asthetics and provide you with a detailed roofing specification others can bid on (including myself!).

Now then. Let’s sum this up. I’m getting long winded again. The total price of your roof replacement will depend upon the type of roofing materials you choose, pitch, drainage, undershots, flashings, roof access and other items. You’ll need to start somewhere, usually the best place to start is with a thorough in-house free consultation which Ross Roofing provides.