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I was born in Budapest and my early years were spent in Tel Aviv, Israel. From an early age, I expressed a unique blend of traits that revealed the multiple, fearless sides of my personality. As a toddler, I’d make my parents’ visitors sit through a ballet I would appear from behind the drapes of the living room, clad in a tutu and dance… I think the guests loved it, though my parents were embarrassed and profusely apologetic.

My core passions are painting, acting, ballet, and writing. I skipped grades in school, was reading mounds of books, drawing figures and faces, writing stories, poems, and plays which of course included parts for all my favorite toys. I was a nerd, a pretty one but different and quite a bit younger than the other kids in my classes. In a review of a play I wrote at the age of 16, the Jerusalem Post called me the girl with the three B’s: Blonde, Beautiful and Brilliant.

I studied, acted and danced with world famous teachers and companies. At the age of 3, I remember having sat on the lap of Arthur Rubinstein shortly before he died.  Even at that age, my parents had immersed me in classical music and Arthur was one of my heroes.  I have been extremely fortunate in my travels to have had some very famous people as personal mentors.

From a young age, singing has been another one of my artistic expressions.  I have sung cantorial and classical music to very large audiences. Some of my videos are on Sarity Gervais -Loving Life on FaceBook.

In my mid-teens, I wrote freelance lead articles for Israel’s two top magazines. In that time, I on-site researched sensitive articles like The Bedouin Lifestyle, Religious Universities, Palestinian/Israeli Youth Relations, etc. having many in-depth, open and sincere discussions with people on both sides of significant issues and divisions.

I also met and interviewed many of my heroes, such as the world-famous Philharmonic conductor, my crush, Zubin Mehta. One of Carl Sagan’s very last interviews was with me.  In the process of getting to know one another, he told me he felt that I was a rare and unusual intellect. He then offered me a full scholarship to any university of my choice -his thought was of perhaps Yale or Harvard. I gratefully declined. I was set with scholarships and felt the grant should go to a financially needy student. The interaction was none the less of tremendous support and encouragement for me, one that I will remember for the rest of my life.

From the age of three, I have been profoundly drawn to expressing myself with paints, watercolors, pencil, basically anything at hand.  I was recently very surprised to have found a painting I had done around the age of 5 that had somehow survived all the years in spite of my mother’s disinclination to hang on to much of anything.  The painting seems to portray a pregnant (?) mermaid and there it sits on the left of this biography in all of its pink and green glory.

Through most of the years between childhood and becoming an adult, I lived and worked all over the world.  Los Angeles, Toronto, Tel-Aviv, Charleston, Santa Fe, London,  Sydney, Australia, South Africa  New York City and Asia.

It was by chance that I reawakened to my gifts as a painter. Huge bursts of creative expression produced a great many paintings in a very short time.  Within just four and a half months after first picking up a brush, I had many offers to show my work in galleries in New York, Toronto, and Palm Beach.  Amazing, especially for a new artist.  I choose to do my first one-woman show at the hip Queen St. Del Bello Gallery of Toronto. 11 out of the 20 paintings in that show sold within 10 minutes of the opening.

I continued to paint prolifically through this time and my works were mainly sold through several art galleries (i.e. Perry Art Gallery in Soho NYC, Del Dello Toronto, Kew Gallery and many more). I have had 4 one-woman shows, painted around 80 pictures in all, 50 of which have been sold.

This website represents a new chapter in my life. I am returning from an intermittent hiatus.  The act of painting has always been an artistic process in the purest sense for me. I was fortunate in being surrounded by people including my late husband, Johnny, as well as a number of other influential people that had always taken care of me in the world of art and business. Unfortunately, those people have departed from my life, although not by choice. There are always silver linings in life, and in this case, they are the new people and the lessons learned.

For me, art is a communication of self.  I have always had a strong sense of social justice.  My paintings often convey the great beauty found in unconventional shapes, as well as the powerful need for equality within the human race, regardless of sex, race or religious beliefs.

You will find on this website, the paintings, and styles of beauty that I create. The site includes my favorite originals from both my initial (and largely sold) works as well as the more recent paintings.  These are created in a number of themes which will be found in the various galleries available on this website -all bright and beautiful. Unsold originals are obviously available for purchase and for those paintings that have been sold, new works may be commissioned that fit your spaces and tastes. They may be variations on the themes and styles shown or can be entirely different styles and directions. I do love to connect and create according to specific people, places, and circumstances.

Currently, I am painting, writing a travel and health blog, acting, and dedicating my life to creating beauty, integrity, and joy in my wake. I recently moved to Laguna Beach, Ca from NYC with my Pomeranian puppy, Matilda.